Fletcher Insulation is Australia’s first insulation company to be awarded GECA certification for its Insulation & Building Blankets range of products. This independent accreditation system recognizes the development and manufacturing of products that have proven environmental performance and is recognized worldwide through its affiliations.

The GECA accreditation benefits consumers in knowing that their choice of Fletcher Insulations product range for their insulation requirements will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the impact on the environment during the product’s entire life cycle.

R1.5 Wall Batts The standard batt designed for insulating walls
R2.0 Wall Batts Extra Performance for harsher climates
R2.5 High Density Wall Batts Optimal 90mm wall insulation – used to meet 5 star requirements in a 90mm wall cavity
R2.5 Ceiling Batts The batt for mild climates
R3.0 Ceiling Batts Climate zones 1,2 & 3
R3.5 Celing Batts Climate zones 4,5 & 6
R4.0 Ceiling Batts Ideal for meeting 5 star requirements in more severe climates. Used forĀ  climate zones 7 & 8.
R5.0 Ceiling Batts Extra Performance for harsher climates
R6.0 Ceiling Batts Used to meet requirements for 6 star and beyond

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